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Meet Your Dog Photographers

Our Dog Photography Experience tend to be a lot of fun, we simply cannot help.  We have won multiple awards for our photography, simply put we love our job and have so much passion to capture an amazing picture that you will cherish forever.

Hi, I’m Jim

Dog Photographer

My first dog was a red setter called Kelly, she went with me everywhere but I lost her on the day I took my driving test many years ago. I then went to college, met my beautiful wife Donna and travelled the world with my camera photographing all sorts of animals, the cute, the cuddly and scary ones too. Ruby, the family’s Cairn Terrier is our little Ewok who loves being in the studio but has little dog syndrome and very protective of her space so stays at home when we have clients in the studio.




As a life long lover of animals, JBS Dog Photography was formed to merge my love of animals with my passion for Photography.

Ruby is not “just a dog“, she is part of our family, and thats why I know how amazing it is to have a fabulous portrait of that furry bundle of fun so why not bring your four legged friend to the studio, bring a few treats and perhaps their favourite toy to the studio and we’ll do the rest.

Hi, I’m Karl

Dog Photographer

I had two Boxers, Jasper and Lexy, Jasper used to follow me everywhere and Lexy was, well as mad as a box of frogs. Mr J was my best friend and house guard, nothing got past Mr J and I am so gutted we did not have the studio back in the early 90’s when I had them both and when it was easier to use the camera on your phone. The only pictures I have on the wall were taken with my film camera, yes thats right, 35mm film!


My passion for photographing dogs goes right back to my childhood, all those family pets were frequently the target of my trusty camera.

Photographing family pets is soooooo much fun and I know when you bring your best friend to our studio you will really enjoy your photography experience with us. Your shoot will be relaxed and fun, for those natural pictures.

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