Traditional gifts are …… a little boring

Gift-giving is a unique way to express love, appreciation, and gratitude towards someone special. Every occasion calls for a gift, be it Christmas or birthday, valentines or anniversary; the list is endless. However, finding the perfect present can be quite challenging. The thought of giving something that will make the recipient happy can add pressure on the giver. With this in mind, one has to consider several factors before choosing a gift.

A suitable gift should reflect the recipient’s personality and interests. For instance, if it’s for your partner on Valentine’s Day, you may opt for something romantic such as flowers or chocolates. If you’re buying a gift for your mother on Mother’s Day, you may want to choose something sentimental like a piece of jewellery with her birthstone or initials engraved on it. On Father’s day perhaps get him his favourite hobby-related item like tools or sports equipment.

Puppy to Pal Gift

The joy of giving a unique gift!

Whilst most websites and stores churn out the same traditional gifts, at JBS Dog Photography we have something completely different!

Look no further than a dog photography voucher!

A voucher for a professional pet photography session is not only a unique and thoughtful gift, but it also captures the essence of their beloved furry friend.

Puppy to Pal Gift

Why a dog photography experience is a good gift for someone?

The majority of dog owners never think about having their beloved friend professionally photographed, but those who do are forever thankful simply because the sad news is, a dog just doesn’t live long enough and when they pass they leave a huge hole in our hearts and homes.

A professional picture of your beloved friend on the wall will never get old and will always be cherished which is why this gift voucher really is something unique and a gift that just keeps giving.

The perfect gift for him and her

Great value

For this promotion we are offering this stunning gift voucher in a presentation box worth £20 complimentary with every order, so on the day they will have something very exciting to unwrap.


Our dog sessions are up to two hours long and includes complimentary off-street parking, drinks and biscuits and of course, treats for the dogs.

If there are 1 or 10 dogs in the picture or if the owner wants to bring the family and have everyone in the picture, we don’t mind and the price is exactly the same.

All of our wall art and printing is completed by one of the best printers in Europe and they are delivered directly to the owner’s door via FedEx or UPS

Our dog photography vouchers are valid for one year and can be extended for a further year but there may be an additional cost to extend due to the increased cost of shipping or printing.

Overall, giving the gift of dog photography is sure to bring joy and lasting memories for any pet owner.

Set a Budget

Think about what the recipient would like, if you think they may want to include the entire family then you may want to purchase a package with a larger print or a number of prints. But if a larger package is out of your budget, then do not worry as the recipient can always upgrade their package and pay the difference on the day.

Rest assured we know how restrictive some vouchers can be, and that is why we try and make ours as flexible as we can.

Gift which the whole family can enjoy

The gift that keeps giving

With this promotional offer not only does your special someone receive a gift to unwrap on the day, but they also have something to look forward to in the diary once they have booked their 2 hr dog photography session.

They then have the excitement of the day, having their pooch photographed, and the joy of choosing their favourite picture for the wall.

After the photography session, they then receive an email where they can view and download their picture for their desktop or phone and give them bragging rights amongst their friends and family.

Now the excitement builds once more whilst they wait a couple of weeks for that knock on the door from UPS or FedEx who will be holding a package which will be their wall art.

And now the Joy continues as every day they will see a beautiful picture of their beloved pooch.

Gift which the whole family can enjoy

Thoughtful & Memorable

Pet owners are always taking pictures on their phones but never put a high quality image on the wall.

Professional dog photography is a unique, thoughtful and memorable gift for any dog owner and really is the perfect Christmas, birthday, valentines or anniversary gift that will be something they will absolutely love.

Studio located in Swaffham Norfolk

Our studio is located in Swaffham Norfolk.  There are some great walks and cafes close to the studio, so why not make a day of it?