Puppy to Pal Dog Photography Gift Voucher


The Puppy to Pal Dog Photography Gift Voucher

Document your puppy’s growth with some amazing pictures from three dog photography sessions.
Norfolk dog photographers Jim and Karl will look after you from the moment you arrive. Dog treats will be scattered around the studio, for your fur puppy to enjoy. Whilst your puppy checks out the studio you can be enjoying complimentary hot and cold drinks, and if you so wish a choccy bar.

Once your puppy has settled down and is happy with the studio, we will start to take some pictures. Once your puppy to get fidgety we will take a break, have a drink and then review the pictures taken so far.

We will then discuss what pictures you would like next.

At the end of the session, you get to pick your 5 favourite pictures for the handcrafted portfolio box ad your favourite picture for a 16×20 print. We then do it all again when your puppy is 6 months old and then on their first birthday. You will be amazed by how much they have changed in those short few months



The Puppy To Pal Dog Photography Gift Voucher Entitles The Holder To:

– A pre-shoot telephone consultation

– Three 2hr photoshoot in our air-conditioned studio with complimentary hot and cold drinks
– Shoot one when you get your puppy
– Shoot two at 6 months old
– Shoot three at 1 year old

– Weekday, weekend or evening appointments available at no extra charge

– At the end of the photo session you get to choose 5 images to be professionally edited

– A 16 x 20 print of your favourite picture from each session

– A handcrafted folio box with your 15 favourite pictures from each of your 3 sessions


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