Award Winning Dog Photographers

Award Winning Dog Photographers

Award Winning Dog Photographers

Relaxed Dog Photography

Our Dog Photography Experience is fun, and more importantly very relaxed.  We are not turn and burn photographers, we want you come into our studio and have a wonderful experience, and we certainly do not want to rush you out of the door.  Your dog photography experience will be approximately two hours but if it is longer then I am in no hurry are you?

We are not sales people, we are dog photographers

I personally hate it when you receive a discounted offer and then you get upsold to, I also hate it when you are purchasing something and you are pressurised into spending more money than you wanted to.  Because of my pet hates I can assure you when you come into our studio, the offer is the offer and what you want to purchase and not what we want to sell you.  All our products have a price tag on them, our website pricing I hope is clear and transparent and so you never have to ask how much something costs.   You are treated the way I would like to be treated.

Multiple Dog Photography Awards

We have won multiple awards for our dawg photography, simply put we love our job, we are dawg lovers, and we have lots of passion for these four-legged pooches which really shows in our work!     To be honest, it’s not really working it’s just hours and hours of fun in a lovely air-conditioned studio!  All of our awards have been with images that have been created for our customers, and we submit every month so you know you are always receiving quality images.

Meet Your Dog Photographers

About Us

Hi, I’m Jim

How cute it this little fluff ball, ooooohhhh I soooooooo wanted to take him home.

He came into the studio with all his brothers and sisters for a little puppy, oh my life we had so much fun as they ran around the studio playing and generally having fun.

I just had to have a cuddle with each and everyone!

I simply have the best job in the world!

About Us

Hi, I’m Karl

I have just too much fun in the studio, every dog has their own unique character.

It was so funny when Rory decided to climb on my back and prepare himself for little a nap.  A great opportunity for Jim to take a quick snap of me at work on his phone.

I did eventually get a picture of little Rory!

I just love meeting all the different dawgs!

If you want to learn more about what we do and see some of our work then take a look at our Blog Posts.

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