Exclusive Opportunity for Rottweiler Dawg Parents

Does your Rottweiler deserve to be a star? Introducing our exclusive opportunity for your beloved best friend! Your Rottweiler could become part of a lasting legacy that celebrates the incredible nature of these amazing companions. Imagine your four-legged friend immortalised for generations to come in a book that is sold worldwide, and raises money for the Rottweiler Welfare Association.

Each dog will have their own photography session and then feature with their own double page spread in the “The Tails of Rottweiler’s Journey to a New Life” limited-edition book which will be published in time for Christmas 2024.

Below is an excerpt from the book and we hope your Rottweiler can tell their story to the world!

Rottweiler Book

Limited Spaces

Don’t miss out on this rare chance for only 30 lucky Rottweilers to be featured in our amazing book! Secure your spot now and become the talk of the town among your friends.

Example excerpt from the book

Chevy – My Story

My name is Chevy, and I’m known as a gentle giant. Unfortunately, in November 2022, my foster mother noticed that I was limping on one of my paws. Despite my attempts to conceal it, she took me to the veterinarian, where I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Upon leaving the vet’s office, my foster parents were deeply upset and I did my best to provide them comfort by snuggling up to them. Thankfully, my friends Oscar and Molly, who are also Rottweilers living with me, have been incredibly supportive. Together, we form a trio much like the 3 Amigos, offering our human family unwavering love no matter how difficult things may be.

Despite using mainly three legs, I still enjoy taking walks, especially when there’s water nearby for a soothing swim that is gentle on my bones. My love for walking remains strong, even in the face of bone cancer.

In September 2023 I went to the Rottweiler welfare association dog show and I won the “Best Rescue Rottweiler” rosette in memory of Jenni Darboe, what an honour, needless to say, my foster parents were very proud.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a foster home and am deeply grateful for the support provided by the Rottweiler Welfare Association, who generously cover all my medical expenses: what a lucky Rottie I am!

Rottweiler Book

Why am I writing a book about Rottweilers?

The Rottweiler Welfare Association (RWA) is an organisation that is devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating Rottweilers in need. Their tireless efforts ensure these beautiful dogs find loving forever homes, receive proper medical care, and are given a second chance at life.

By taking part in this book, you help others gain insight into the captivating world of Rottweilers and contribute towards supporting the incredible work carried out by the RWA. Every pound of profit generated from this book will go directly to their cause, allowing them to continue making a positive impact on countless canine lives.

Imagine what could be achieved if we all came together with the shared goal of providing long-lasting aid and support for these loyal companions who deserve nothing less!

Three Registration Options (Rottweilers only)

Hey Rottweiler lovers! We are on the hunt for 30 amazing Rottweilers to feature in our upcoming book that will capture their incredible stories. All proceeds from the book will be dedicated to the Rottweiler Welfare Association, a charity that does wonderful work in finding loving homes for rescued Rotties.

By sharing your pet’s tale with us, you’ll not only help raise vital funds for this great cause but also ensure your beloved dog’s legacy lives on forever within the pages of our special book.

Join us in making an impact and championing the wonderful spirit of these majestic dogs!

The Book Session Package £75

  • A copy of your very own book
  • £30 Donated to RWA
  • £50 Voucher for any wall art
  • £70 Voucher for any wall art for Rackheath Vet customers

Ideal for those that would like their dog in “The Tails of Rottweiler’s Journey to a New Life”  There will be enough photographs to choose from to consider a piece of Wall Art or even a box of 10 Matt Prints with digital file downloads to match.

The Book & Digital Package £229

  • A copy of your very own book
  • £50 Donated to RWA
  • £50 Voucher for any wall art
  • £70 Voucher for any wall art for Rackheath Vet customers

This package is ideal for those would like to pick 10 digital images to be professionally edited for you to keep forever

The Book, Digital & Dibond Wall Art Package £299

This package is great value and is ideal for those who would like a stunning piece of 20×16 wall art on their wall at home .

Don’t miss out on this chance to participate in something truly special!

Additional Details

Location:  JBS Dog Photography Swaffham Norfolk PE37 7PT

Number of dogs: Limited to 30

Publishing Date:  November 2024

Purchase from:  Amazon

How to book your space

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