My Personal Photography Projects.

Being a professional photographer, I personally think that I should attend at least one training session per year, and carve out time in my schedule to do personal projects.

For me, a personal project should be something that improves your skillset.  I thought I would write this blog so you can see what I get up to when I am not photographing dawgs.

Personal Photography Projects – The Stars

During Lockdown one, the pollution in the air was at its lowest, and the sky was just soooooo clear.  So I decided to pack up a flask sit in a field with a tree and take lots of pictures of the stars at regular intervals and then munge them all together.  Jeez my feet got cold but it was worth it!

Personal Photography ProjectsPersonal Photography Projects – Friends

Personal Photography Projects

Personal Photography ProjectsPersonal Photography Projects

Throughout lockdown, it became even more clear how important friends and family are.  Not everyone had someone they could rely on so turned to substance abuse, and or suffered mental anguish.  It was a terrible time for everyone hence I came up with the Friends Series of pictures which I hoped would resonate with someone.

Personal Photography Projects – Cars.

I had never really photographed a car before, so I thought my friend’s beautiful classic Ford F150 would be a great photography project to get my teeth into.  After lots of trial and error, and munging together just over 175 pictures I managed to create the studio effect on my front driveway.  To get the reflections under the car, I used an A3 bit of black perspex and just kept moving it around the underneath and side of the car hence the 175 pictures.

The top picture is the base picture.

I then moved my flash around the car to highlight the key areas, and of course to capture the floor reflection which is the studio effect.  I then added the smoke and light rays in photoshop.  A great project which improved both my photographic and photoshop skills.
Personal Photography Projects

Personal Photography Projects – Raising Money for Big C.

I challenge you to find someone who does not know someone who has not been affected by Cancer.  Despite all the pressures the NHS have had over the last few years, in my opinion, they have done a great job of looking after my dad and removing his cancer via treatment.

There is still a lot we do not know about cancer, and that is why I thought it would be good to help a local Norfolk cancer charity to raise money, hence I contacted the big C.    Since Jan of 2022 we have been working on a doggy pawtraits calender, where I have been photographing lots of dawgs for free of charge and for their chance to be entered into the calander.  Stay tuned for which dawgs have been selected.

Personal Photography Projects – Watch this space for my next project!