Meet Snoop, a Border Husky Mix

Local Dog Portrait Photographer Jim, got the pleasure of meeting Snoop, a really friendly Border Husky Mix

About Border Husky Mix

The Border Husky mix has the best qualities of its parent breeds, the Border Collie and the Husky, such as high energy and loyalty making a very smart, eager to learn, affectionate and even rather amusing dog.

Border Husky Mix - JBS Dog Photography

Border Husky Mix Appearance

A short to medium-sized dog that measures about 20 inches at the shoulder, although this varies depending on the genetics.
A wolf-like body and head shape display ears that are semi-erect.
Their intelligent, almond-shaped eyes are usually brown or blue and are sometimes one of each colour.
Their coat can be rough or smooth in a variety of colours and shades of grey, brown, and black and patterns, but is most commonly seen in distinctive black and white.

Border Husky Mix - JBS Dog Photography

Border Husky Mix Nature

The Border Collie Husky mix is very receptive to talking and loves to be included in the conversation around the house, making them ideal for families with kids and other animals.
With an above average intelligence, the Border Collie Husky Mix needs to be assigned a lot of challenging activities otherwise boredom can lead to destructive behaviour if there isn’t enough physical exercise and mental stimulation.
These are very loyal dogs and instantly form an attachment to their owners and the family that adopts them but they do not make very good guard dogs
If you have the space and time, this breed will reward you as an engaging pet that is eager to learn new things. Their outgoing personalities will make them a joy to have as a part of your family. For the active household, this dog is an excellent choice.

Border Husky Mix - JBS Dog Photography

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