About Dalmatians

Welcome to a world of Dalmatian dog photography! Lokie, less than 1 year old Dalmatian came to our Norwich studio so we could capture some everlasting memories for her owners.

In this blog you will see some pictures of Lokie which we captured in the studio and learn a little more about the Dalmatian breed, enjoy!

Dalmatian Dog Photography

Dalmatians are an iconic breed of dog that have been around for centuries and continue to be a popular pet today. They are known for their black and white spotted coats, playful personalities, and loyalty to their owners. Originally bred for herding purposes in Croatia, Dalmatians have become more widely recognised as family pets due to their intelligence and easy-going nature.

Dalmatian Dog Photography

101 Dalmatians

The beloved classic film, 101 Dalmatians, is a tale that has been enjoyed by generations and still remains popular today. Originally released in 1961, the animated Disney film follows the story of Pongo and Perdita, two Dalmatian’s who become parents to an astonishing litter of puppies. The film was written by Dodie Smith and adapted from her 1956 novel of the same name.

Have you seen the film and did the film make you fall in love with Dalmatians?

Dalmatian Dog Photography

History of Dalmatians

Dalmatians are one of the oldest known breeds with their history stretching back to Croatia in the 17th century. Their purpose has changed over time, the breed first used as guard-sentinels on the borders of Yugoslavia, as war dogs by the U,S. Army and with their keen eyesight and sense of smell used for hunting.

Over time, these lovable pups became associated with a variety of tasks including herding livestock and rescuing people from burning buildings. Today, they are most commonly seen as loving family pets that bring joy to the lives of their owners.

Dalmatian Dog Photography


Dalmatians are a beloved breed of dog known for their distinctive black and white markings. These energetic, spotty dogs have become a popular pet due to their friendly and loyal personalities. But beyond the cute spots, there is much more to know about the Dalmatian! With their long legs, muscular body and attentive ears, it’s no wonder these dogs are such amazing companions.

Dalmatian Dog Photography

Temperament & Personality

Dalmatians have a loving and loyal temperament with a high intelligence. They are an incredibly active breed, with a high energy level that can be difficult for some families to keep up with, but if your family is active then a Dalmatian could be the breed for you.

Dalmatians make excellent family pets due to their friendly temperament and sensitivity towards humans. With proper training and socialisation, these dogs can learn to be gentle around children and develop an unbreakable bond with their owners.

Dalmatian Dog Photography

Trainability & Exercise Needs

Having a pet can be a lot of work and one of the most important aspects of owning any pet is ensuring that they are properly trained and exercised. The Dalmatian is an active breed, making it essential for owners to understand their training and exercise needs in order to ensure their pet remain healthy, both mentally and physically, this breed needs lots of exercise to dispel boundless energy.

Dalmatians thrive on human companionship, and if left alone too long they can become destructive or they will pout and act depressed. This breed is for someone who wants to spend time with a pet.

Dalmatian Dog Photography


Dalmatians have been a beloved breed for centuries, known for their unique spotted coats and mischievous personalities. From the firehouses of the 1800s to 101 Dalmatians, the breed has been celebrated in popular culture for its energy and loyalty. If you are active and can spend a lot of time with your pet then this is the breed for you.

Dalmatian Dog Photography

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