We had Daisy, Teddy, and Darcy in our pet photography studio, three beautiful Pugs.   After a few minutes of playtime with the pups, we captured some amazing images full of energy and love.

If you want to see some Pug pictures and learn a little more about the breed then this blog is for you, enjoy.

About Pugs

Pugs are undeniably one of the cutest and most lovable breeds of dogs. With their adorable flat faces and bright eyes, these dogs have been stealing hearts all around the world for centuries. Pugs were originally bred in China as companion animals for royal families, and are now recognised as one of the oldest dog breeds by the American Kennel Club.

Photograph of a pug

History of Pugs

Pugs have been around for hundreds of years, but their exact origin is uncertain. It is widely believed that these beloved dogs were originally bred in China during the Han Dynasty in 206 BC-220 AD. From there, the breed made its way to Europe, where it gained popularity amongst the royal families of Spain and Italy.

Pugs rose to international fame throughout the 20th century when they became a popular choice amongst dog owners looking for an affectionate companion. In addition to their endearing appearance and character traits, Pugs are also well known for their intelligence and resilience. They tend to adapt well to different environments and lifestyles, making them excellent family pets. Today, Pugs remain one of the most popular breeds among canine fanciers around the world!

A 13 year old pug having her photograph taken

Physical Characteristics

Pugs are beloved for their friendly and sociable personalities, but the breed is also known for its distinctive physical characteristics. This small-sized dog is part of the toy group and has a compact body with short legs.

The snub-nosed pug face has big, dark eyes that create an endearing expression, combined with a flat or slightly wrinkled muzzle. Its ears are small and folded back against the head while its tail curls up over its rump.

Pugs have a thick double coat that comes in several colours such as fawn, silver fawn, apricot fawn, black, and even tuxedo markings. The breed standard calls for a level topline which makes them look almost square in comparison to other dogs with more angled torsos.

Three Pugs photographed in a chair

Temperament & Personality

They are known for having an upbeat personality and being great family pets due to their sociable temperaments.

Not only do Pugs have an outgoing personality, but they also possess distinct characteristics that make them stand out from other breeds. They are naturally curious and love to explore their environment while keeping a close eye on their owners. Pugs enjoy physical contact such as cuddling, playing fetch, and running around with their human companions. Additionally, they can be quite vocal when communicating with humans; they bark often in excitement or to alert owners of nearby strangers or animals.

A Pug posing for a photograph

Trainability & Exercise Needs

These canine companions have a unique combination of playfulness, intelligence and loyalty that make them a great pet for many families. But what about their exercise needs and trainability? When it comes to pugs, the answer is surprisingly complex.

When it comes to physical activity, pugs need daily walks or playtimes in order to stay healthy and fit. The amount needed varies from individual Pug dog to individual Pug dog; some may only require 15 minutes per day while others may need 30 minutes or more. It’s important to also keep in mind that due to their short snouts, they can easily overheat on hot days; be sure not to overexert them during exercise!

Pug Dog Photography


Pug dogs have been a popular breed of canine companion for centuries. This small but mighty breed has won the hearts of many people around the world with its endearing personality, low-maintenance needs, and compact size. While pugs may be beloved by their owners, there are still some important considerations to make before bringing one home.

When it comes to choosing a pet that fits your lifestyle, pugs can provide an ideal companion for those who are looking for a loyal and devoted friend. Their adaptable nature makes them suited to living in small spaces or apartments as well as larger homes – plus they don’t require excessive exercise or grooming maintenance. Additionally, their gentle nature makes them great with children and other animals alike. With all these attributes considered, it’s no wonder why so many people choose pug dogs when looking for a four-legged family member!

Side Photograph of Pug

Looking to get your Pug Photographed in Norfolk?

What an amazing time we had in the studio with Teddy Daisy and Darcy running around the studio, Darcy was deaf and a little blind so it was a lot of fun getting her portrait. If you would like your dawg photographed then why not contact us today and let’s chat about how JBS Dog Photography can create some memorable images for you to adore forever.

Learn more about this breed

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