If you’re a dog lover and cherish your fur baby like family, then capturing their essence through photographs is a must. But have you ever wondered about the price tag that comes with professional canine photography? Well, fret not! Dog photography pricing can vary depending on various factors such as location, photographer’s experience and reputation, duration of the shoot, and even the specific services offered.

When it comes to prices for dog photography sessions, think of it as an investment rather than an expense. A skilled and experienced pet photographer knows how to bring out your furry friend’s personality and create timeless memories on camera. Besides snapping those cute poses, they may also offer additional services like editing and retouching photos or designing customized albums or wall art that truly capture the heartwarming connection between you and your beloved pet.

While some may find themselves slightly hesitant due to pricing concerns, it’s important to remember that every professional has their own unique style and vision. Therefore, comparing quotes from different photographers is crucial before making your decision. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the value of these images in years to come when your four-legged companion is no longer by your side; those cherished moments frozen in time will forever warm your heart whenever you glance at them.

Whether it’s ordering custom prints or opting for digital files only, there are options available to suit every budget without compromising quality. So go ahead and explore the wonderful world of dog photography – you will be grateful for years to come! Remember that

Factors that affect dog photography prices

Professional editing is one of the factors that significantly impact dog photography prices. While some photographers offer basic editing services as part of their package, others may charge extra for advanced retouching and post-processing to make your furry friend’s images truly stand out. These skilled professionals use specialised software to enhance colours, remove blemishes, and create a polished look that can take your dog’s portraits from adorable to extraordinary.

Another factor that influences pricing in dog photography is the photographer’s experience and expertise. Seasoned photographers with years of practice often come at a higher price tag due to their refined skills and ability to capture stunning moments flawlessly. Their reputation and portfolio speak volumes about their capabilities, making them highly sought after by pet owners who want nothing but the best memories captured on camera.

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What is the dog photography experience?

At JBS Dog Photography we are very relaxed and chilled out, we want your dawg and you to have a lovely time, we want everything to be easy and we want to treat you both!

All our dog photography packages include as standard

  • A two-hour photography session, but if we go over time it really doesn’t matter, as we allow a minimum of an hour between each photography session.  It is really important that your dawg is happy: we will work at their pace.
  • We have a drinks fridge with soft drinks and bottled water.
  • Of course, there is a bowl of water and treats for your pooch, they are the star of the show and we need to keep them happy!
  • We have a Nespresso  machine for complimentary coffees, we also have a kettle should you want a cup of tea.
  • Should you want to be in the picture we have a changing room and a very large Hollywood mirror.
  • We have a microwave, so if you need to heat any baby food, or your lunch/dinner then knock your socks off, it is there for you to use.
  • The Studio is air-conditioned and we run the studio at 18C so your pooch is nice and comfortable.
  • There is complimentary parking and the path to the studio is illuminated in darkness and wide enough to accommodate a pram or wheelchair.
  • As we photograph your dawg you will see the pictures automatically appear on a 42″ Sony TV
  • We will take regular breaks to allow your dawg to have some fun and chill out.

As you can tell this is not your regular everyday dog photography photoshoot, but rather a dog photography experience that really is a nice treat for you and your pooch.

Print Options

Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

When it comes to adding some personality to your walls, prints are the perfect option. They provide an easy and affordable way to liven up any space. With our vast collection of wall art options, there’s something for every taste and style.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern print to complement your minimalist decor or a vibrant piece to bring colour into your room, we have it all.

One of the best things about prints is their versatility. You can choose from various sizes and formats, including framed or unframed options, allowing you to customise select what will fit best in your home.


12×12 Acrylic Wall Art Dog Photography Pricing £167

With this package, you will receive a beautiful 12×12 Acrylic print that has been stacked onto an oversized backboard.  A really stunning piece of handcrafted wall decor that is the perfect size for putting absolutely anywhere in the home.  Of course, if you want a larger size print, absolutely no problem but a larger print will incur an additional charge

Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

Desktop Tri Fold Dog Pricing Starting from £142

A tri-fold centerpiece with the look, feel, and quality of a Photo Album. This package gives you, your favourite three images printed on Fuji Silk paper, they really are truly stunning.

Dog Photography Pricing

20×16 Dibond Wall Art Dog Photography Pricing  £197

Our dibond wall art is a strong composite made up of a thin aluminium outer skin either side of a black PVC core. This is a completely non flexible material and comes fitted with a subframe ready for you to hang.  We provide dibond mounted prints up to an impressive 60×40 inches.

The Folio Dog Photography Pricing Starting from £228

If wall art isn’t your thing, then this really is the perfect package for you. The Folio Box is a handcrafted box paired with a selection of 5 prints mounted in an elegant frame. The perfect solution which is so nice to pull out on a cold wet Sunday afternoon to cheer yourself up.

Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

The Trio Framed Wall Art Dog Photography Pricing £342

Do you have that blank wall that is perfect for 3 amazing prints of your dawg?  Two portrait pictures and one landscape picture make an amazing trio of pictures.
A stylish and light eco-friendly frame, available in three colour options: black, white, and oak, these high-quality frames provide a subtle sense of warmth, character, and refinement.

Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

The Quad Puppy to Pal Dog Photography Pricing £447

If you are a new dawg parent and looking to document how your dawg not only grows but how their character develops over the course of a year, then this is the perfect package for you.

You get the pleasure of visiting the studio four times, and over the course of the year, with each visit, you will receive a 12×12 acrylic print. You will look at these pictures every day and simply be amazed by how much your puppy grew up to be your best pal in the world!

Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

Breeder Dog Photography Package £120

The perfect time to get your litter of puppies is around 6 to 8 weeks depending on the breed.  You have probably already sold the litter but this is all about providing your customers with something amazing.  Your clients will be absolutely thrilled to receive a professional picture of their new puppy at just 8 weeks old in their puppy pack, something that will be impossible for them to obtain without your help.

Your clients will also have access to an online gallery where they can purchase a once-in-a-lifetime print of their new furbaby.

Do not worry about the pups running riot in the studio and having lots of accidents, we are professional dog photographers and we know exactly what to do.Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

Rescue Dog Photography Pricing – Complimentary

Every dawg deserves a loving home, and a professional picture will help them find that home.

As a foster carer, you may be worried that because of the dawgs history, they will not walk into our studio, or they will not go anywhere near a male.  We have photographed a lot of rescue dawgs at dog shows and the foster parents are always amazed how they come and say hello to us.

Buster, in the beginning, would not even walk into the studio, he just stood at the door, but guess what!  Our expertise and affection for dawgs soon showed him he was in a safe place and with time he allowed us to take his photo.  Read more about Buster here.

You simply cannot hide your affection for dawgs which every dawg can sense!

Dog Photography Pricing - JBS Dog Photography

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