Springer Spaniels

Local Pet Photographers Jim and Karl love photographing English Springer Spaniels they really are so much fun.

English Springer Spaniel - JBS Dog Photography

About Springer Spaniels

The larger brother of the English Cocker Spaniel, the English Springer Spaniel is a lively, active and affectionate pedigree gundog, given an official status by the Kennel Club in 1902, but was only given the name Springer in 1900 before which time they were known as Norfolk Spaniels.
Springer Spaniel is so called because it was originally used to “spring” game, and startle birds into the air.

English Springer Spaniel - JBS Dog Photography

Springer Spaniel’s Appearance

A Springers coat is close-lying, straight and super weather resistant being soft to the touch and not coarse at all. They have moderate feathering on their ears, body, front legs and bodies as well as on their hindquarters. When it comes to colours, the following is acceptable under the Kennel Club breed standard:

  • Black & White
  • Black White & Tan
  • Liver & White
  • Liver White & Tan

Springer Spaniel’s Nature

The Springer is renowned for having a cheerful nature and are one of the most popular gundogs in the world because they are so receptive to being trained.
A perfect family dog because they are so even-tempered, well-behaved, kind and tolerant around kids of all ages which includes toddlers.

English Springer Spaniel - JBS Dog Photography

Springer Spaniel’s Popularity

At the time of writing according to Pet4Homes, the English Springer Spaniel is the 17th most popular dog out of the 244 recognised breeds. To see the popularity of dogs over the last 100 years based on the Petplan Pet Census then this article is a really interesting read.

English Springer Spaniel - JBS Dog Photography

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