Norfolk Dog Photographers, JBS Dog Photography give some tips for your dog’s photography experience

You want your dog to look its best, so here are some tips to help you prepare for your Dog Photography experience.

Our Dog Photography studio is dog and owner friendly.  We have a water bowl for your dog and cooled, and hot drinks and choccy biscuits for you.  We do have some dog treats but may be best that you bring what your pet is used to.

Groom your Dog before the dog Photography experience 

No doubt you’ll want your pet to look its best so having them groomed and cleaned a couple of days before will do just that. Plus, a flawless, shiny coat looks fabulous in photos.

Take a walk before your dog photography experience

When it comes to dogs, ensure he or she has been walked, especially if they’re a little hyper.   We have plenty of parking at the studio so you are welcome to arrive early and walk them around sunny Swaffham.

Brush to remove stray hairs

When you arrive at the studio, allow your dog to run around the studio and get used to the space. We can have a drink and a chocolate biscuit whilst they get familiar with the studio.  Once your dog has had a good sniff around give them a brush down to remove any stray hairs; this will also help them feel at home.

Toys, Blanket & Treats

Armed with your pet’s favourite toy, blanket and treat is a great way to reward good behaviour and keep them calm, so keep these handy during the shoot.


Props can make a welcome addition to photos, instantly adding that fun element, so feel free to bring any along.

Sit and Stay

Practise getting your dawg to sit and stay.  When they do as you say reward them, then they know they have done good.

Picking your favourite picture

Bring your glasses if you wear them, as on the night we will ask you to pick your favourite images from the photo session.

If you follow these tips your dog will be as chilled as Rosie, a beautiful labrador who had a little nap in our chair during the picture selection, we are always looking for that photo opportunity!

Preparation tips for your Dog Photography experience

If you are thinking about having your best friend photographed and have any questions then please Contact us  we would love to help.