GOGO Dog Show at Centre Paws Norfolk, Wymondham

The GOGO Dog Show at Centre Paws Norfolk, Wymondham, has everything you need for an exciting family day out this summer, from the friendliest dogs in all of Norfolk to fancy dress, to ice cream, pizza, and PRIZES!
If you’re looking for a fun day out and wanting to see some adorable and friendly dogs, then you’ve come to the right place. From big to small, scruffy and clean, all dogs are welcome as long as they are well behaved and remain on a lead with their owner. Whatever the weather, with 9 fantastic contests and 5 great prizes up for grabs with each competition, you are guaranteed to have a brilliant day out with the family at the GO GO Dog Show!

09:30 Check-in

Check-in and get ready for some fun!

GOGO Dog Show

10:00 Kids and Dog Fancy Dress Competition

Do your kids have a passion for dressing up? Maybe you just can’t resist the thought of getting your dog dressed in the finest of clothes? Well then, you’ll be excited to start the show off with the Kids and Dog Fancy Dress competition! Want to see a dog as a pirate? Or dress your child as royalty? Or maybe go out of the box and mix-and-match any outfit you like! Whatever you think will catch the judge’s eyes and win the competition.

GOGO Dog Show

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10:30 Waggiest Tail

After such barking fun, the dogs are bound to have their tails wagging like crazy. So, it’s very fitting then that the next competition is the Waggiest Tail contest. The rules are simple, whichever dog has the happiest of tail wags will win by the judge’s decision. Though a final decision will certainly be hard to come to as we are sure all dogs involved will be having a fantastic time.

Sponsored by Wendi McLean – Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist

GOGO Dog Show

11:00 Best Paw Shaker

Up next is the Best Paw Shaker contest. One of the first tricks almost all dogs learn and never forget. Let’s hope your dog has a firm grip (even without opposable thumbs), that will surely win the judges over.

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GOGO Dog Show

11:30 Most Appealing Eyes

It’s said that eyes are the window to the soul, and that goes double for doggy eyes. They’re just so cute! But alas, only one dog can win the Most Appealing Eyes contest. The happier the dog, the prettier the eyes. So, just like the Waggiest Tail contest, this one is bound to be a tricky decision for the judges.

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GOGO Dog Show

12:00 LUNCH

Now after almost two hours of nonstop fun, everyone is bound to be hungry for some food. So, for the next hour and a half, it’s time for lunch. Pizza, drinks, ice cream, and a hog roast will be available for everyone to enjoy before we get straight back into the doggy mayhem fun!

13:00 Best Mover Contest

They may bark the bark but can they walk the walk? After lunch it’s time for the Best Mover contest! Hopefully the dogs are all fuelled up again because they’re going to need as much energy as possible. Maybe they skip? Perhaps they have a certain strut in their step? Some swagger in their walk? Whatever it is, only the best walker can win.

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13:30 Prettiest Girl Contest

All dogs are pretty in their own way, but only one dog can win the Prettiest Girl Contest. Maybe they will win for their shiny fur coat? Or perhaps they have a winning smile? Or maybe the added bow will win the judges over? Whatever it may be, the contest is bound to be a show stopper.

Sponsored by Fit20

GOGO Dog Show

14:00 Handsomest Boy Contest

It’s only fair that the boys get a shot to show off their good looks too. Time for the Handsomest Boy contest. Maybe they have the nicest haircut? Show stopping eyes? Or maybe they just have a dashing smile? Whatever it may be, it’s certainly going to be tough for the judges to choose a winner.

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GOGO Dog Show

14:30 Best Biscuit Catcher Contest

The Best Biscuit Catcher contest. Everyone loves biscuits, sadly these ones are only fit for doggies and we wouldn’t recommend them for human consumption. After so many fun activities, the dogs are bound to want to be rewarded for their effort.

Sponsored by Puddle ducks Norfolk

GOGO Dog Show

15:00 Scruffiest Dog competition

The final contest of the show. All the dogs are bound to be somewhat tired by now and their beautiful fur coats must be all ruffed up. So, it’s only sensible to end the show with the Scruffiest Dog competition. Surely terriers would have a leg up in this contest, right?

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GOGO Dog Show

A great dog show for all of the family

We can assure you that the day will be completely child-friendly and that all dogs are required to remain on a lead at all times. No aggressive dogs will be present and all dog mess is required to be cleared up by the dog owners. Any individual participating in behaviour deemed to be unacceptable will be asked to leave the premises.

There will also be photographers present working for JBS Dog Photography at the show to capture the magic of the day so be sure that you are comfortable having your photo taken before you decide to arrive at the event. Be sure to smile!

GOGO Dog Show

And there is more!

Fancy a dip then bring your towel and teach your pup to swim with Canine Dip and Dive

GOGO Dog Show

Pack your running shoes, as there is an entire agility course, tunnels to run through, dog planks to run across and jumps to get over, Jayne from DBDT training will be on hand to help

GOGO Dog Show

Need the kids to let off some steam before they enter the competition ring, then why not let them run riot in the East Anglian Play Bus or have a party with James D’s Party time


Tuesday, 24th August 2021
10:00 – 16:00 BST

LOCATION of Dog Show

Centre Paws Norfolk
Barnham Broom Road
NR18 0RR

How to Buy Your Tickets

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