Meet Todd a cheeky little Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier - JBS Dog Photography

Dawg Photographers Jim and Karl had the pleasure of photographing Todd, a really energetic Lakeland Terrier, in our Swaffham Studio.

About Lakeland Terriers

Oh my, what a rascal these dawgs are, mischievous, lots of stamina, and oodles of character. Originally bred in the beautiful countryside of the English Lake District to hunt foxes exploiting their ability to follow the fox over rugged peaks and steep cliffs in all weathers. When the fox went to ground, well guess what, these little chaps used to follow. Back in the day a Lakeland was key to helping a sheep farmer to keep their flock safe and alive. Today they are a great family pet .
Originally bred in 1912, Lakelands are thought to have the roots of a black and tan terrier, with a little bit of Welsh, Border, Fox and Bedlington terrier – no wonder they are such little rascals!

Lakeland Terrier - JBS Dog Photography

Lakeland Terrier Appearance

A compact dog boasting a sturdy and strong look with hazel or dark eyes. Keep your hands clear of their strong jaw, they have the perfect scissor bite where their upper teeth neatly overlap their lower ones. This was very evident as Todd chewed through one of our tennis balls in the studio.

The accepted breed colours for Kennel Club registration are as follows:

  • Black
  • Black & Tan
  • Blue
  • Blue & Tan
  • Liver
  • Red
  • Red Grizzle
  • Wheaten

Lakeland Terriers Nature

Whilst Karl was photographing Todd, it was clear to see why Lakeland’s make a good choice for family dogs, but take note, train them well! They really are hyper-active and the males can be a little aggressive towards other dogs but the females tend to be more relaxed when they first meet any other dogs. Rarely do Lakelands show any sort of aggressive behaviour towards a stranger preferring to just keep their distance until they feel more comfortable with them.

Lakeland Terrier - JBS Dog Photography

Looking to get your Lakeland Terrier photographed?

Lakeland Terrier - JBS Dog Photography

Swaffham Dog Photographers Jim and Karl would love to meet another Lakeland Terrier in our Norfolk dog photography studio. We will capture memories that you can cherish forever so why not book your two hour dog photography experience online or buy that special someone a really unique present, yes that’s right a dog photography gift voucher.