Every day your dog provides you with oodles of unconditional love, affection and loyalty, so why not return the favour by celebrating your dog’s birthday with a special party.

After all, every time your dog ages one calendar year, it is actually 7 dog years so, in reality, you are depriving your fur baby of six birthdays!

Your Dogs First Birthday Party

Dogs Birthday Party

So what should you do on your dog’s first birthday?

Well, why not have a dawg pawty in our dog photography studio in sunny Swaffham?

But why have a party in the studio and not outdoors?

As we all know the British weather is somewhat unpredictable, so if it is raining, windy, or scorching hot, it is highly likely you are not going to have the pawty you envisioned.

Instead, you can come to our air-conditioned studio, so no matter what the weather is doing you can be guaranteed the party will happen.

Decorations for your dawgs birthday party

For the decorations, you have 3 options;

1) You can decorate the studio with doggy-themed balloons, streamers, and party decor yourself, there are loads of retailers who sell dawg party stuff.
2) We can decorate the studio for you, at an additional cost and the studio will be all ready for when you arrive.
3) You can get a professional to come to the studio and decorate the studio for you.

Your Dogs First Birthday Party

Dogs Birthday Party

What about a doggy birthday cake?

We have partnered with Karens Catering and Event Planning, who can not only make your pooch’s birthday cake but can also cater for the doggy parents.  Karen also has the perfect eye for decorating the studio!

Believe it or not, a dog-friendly birthday cake can also be eaten by us hoomans, but to be honest, it is much more fun to watch all the dawgs chomp away at the cake with their tails wagging, plus it also makes a great photo.

Your Dogs First Birthday Party

Dogs Birthday Party

Party Hats

There’s literally nothing cuter than a dawg in a party hat.  Party hats on a dawg is perfect for an incredibly cute picture.   However, if your dawg doesn’t like wearing a hat then why not try a bandana or some cute doggy costumes.

Invite the gang

What’s a puppy party without your dawg’s friends? So why not invite them along, there is plenty of parking at the studio and plenty of room in the studio for everyone to have a really nice time.

Your Dogs First Birthday Party

Dogs Birthday Party

Tips for the perfect dog birthday pawty.

If you want your dawg and friends to wear hats or bandanas then make sure all the doggy parents are aware of the plan and ask them to get their dawgs used to wearing party hats prior to the party.

Ensure all the doggy parents are told to keep a close eye on their dogs as even the best dog buddies can have little misunderstanding.

We have hot and cold drinks, but providing a few snacks for all the doggy parents is a good idea and Karen can help with that.

Check with all the doggy parents for any allergies the pooches may have and let your cake maker know, we don’t want any upset tummies.

Your Dogs First Birthday Party

Dogs Birthday Party

What is the cost of hosting your dawgs pawty in our dog photography studio?

We charge £75 per hour and this includes hire of the studio and pictures of the day. All the pictures will be placed in a shared location so all the doggy parents can download the pictures.

Call us today to arrange your dawgs birthday pawty or book online today.