A Street Dog’s Story

In Morocco, there are an estimated 3 million stray dogs. Many of these dogs are incarcerated in shelters, where they face an uncertain future. But some lucky dogs are given a second chance at life when they’re rescued and adopted by loving families.

Rescue dog Daisy is one of those lucky dogs who has a second chance of making a family very happy.

From Morocco to the UK: One Street Dog's Journey

A sweet street dog in Morocco who was abandoned with her sisters.

She was thin and dirty, her eyes were full of sadness and desperation. She had been dumped outside a sanctuary in Morocco with her sisters. The sanctuary took Daisy and her sisters in and did their best to care for them, but sadly, Daisy’s sisters died from parvovirus. Daisy is now the only one left, and is loving lifeFrom Morocco to the UK: One Street Dog's Journey

What is Parvovirus

There are many different types of viruses that can infect dogs and parvovirus is one of the most serious. This virus is highly contagious and can cause severe illness, even death, in young puppies. Parvovirus is most commonly spread through contact with contaminated faeces, so it’s important to keep your puppy away from places where other dogs have been. If your puppy does become infected with parvovirus, early diagnosis and treatment are essential for the best chance of recovery. Vaccines can prevent this infection, but mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases.

Meet Daisy

Meet Daisy, a rescue dog who is as sweet as can be! Daisy is looking for her forever home and would make a great addition to any family. She loves to play fetch and go for walks and is always up for a cuddle. If you’re looking for a lovable new addition to your family, look no further than Daisy!

From Morocco to the UK: One Street Dog's Journey

If you’re considering adopting a rescue dog, please consider Daisy. She is sure to bring happiness and love into your life.

Why Daisy is special

From Morocco to the UK: One Street Dog's Journey

There are many reasons why Daisy is special. First, she is a rescue dog. She was abandoned by her previous family and spent several years due to covid in a shelter before coming to the UK and staying with her adoptive family.
This makes her a little timid but very grateful for the second chance she has been given and she will be extremely loyal to her new family. Secondly, Daisy is very intelligent and good with other dogs and cats. Finally, Daisy has a very gentle nature and loves cuddling up with her humans, making her the perfect companion.

Adopt Daisy today

From Morocco to the UK: One Street Dog's Journey

We photographed Daisy so you can see how cute she really is, but we also want to show you how amazing rescue dogs can be. They make great companions and are so grateful for a second chance at life.

If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, please consider adopting a rescue dog like Daisy who is sure to steal your heart.

P.S. Daisy’s Bags are packed and she is ready to move in with YOU, so contact Emily today from Three Paws Dog Services on 07546 294 741 to discuss how you can take Daisy home.

If you have a rescue dawg looking for that forever home, then please do contact us and let’s discuss how JBS Dog Photography can help you find that loving family.