Transform your home with professional studio dog pawtraits

Our pet photography studio offers you the chance to make your friends jealous with a unique professional pawtrait of your dog on the walls of your home.

Studio Dog Photography

We have designed our studio sessions to be an experience

From the minute you walk in you will be greeted with a coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or cold drink of your choice and a choccy bar and for the star of the show, there is, of course, a water bowl and treats on hand all the time.

Studio Dog Photography

The studio is air-conditioned so no matter what the weather is doing the studio will always be 20C

Whilst you are having your drink you can take a look at all of the wall art in the studio. All of our wall art has a size and price on them, this way you never have to ask about prices and if you want to upgrade your existing package then you know what the cost will be!
All of our packages include a print, this means we never use any upsell tactics on you – this is a sales-free studio!

Studio Dog Photography

Our toilet is large enough to get changed in, and we have a large mirror for hair and make-up, so if you want to be in the picture with different clothing, then be our guest!

Studio Dog Photography

While you are having your drink and we are having a chat, your dawg will have time to investigate the studio and get to know us and the studio.

We will introduce the flashlights slowly in a relaxed manner allowing your dawg to become comfortable and confident that the studio is a friendly environment.

Sometimes a dawg has a number one or two in the studio, if your dawg is one of those, then don’t worry, they won’t be the first and won’t be the last, after all it is a dog studio!

Once your dawg is relaxed we will start to take some pictures. All the time we will be watching your dawg’s behaviour to ensure they are always happy.

As we take the pictures you will see them appear on our 42″ TV screen. Once we have taken some pictures we will take a break, go through your pictures and discuss what pictures we should do next.

Studio Dog Photography

At the end of the 2-hour session, we will go through all the pictures and all you need to do is tell us which picture you would like on your wall at home.

We will then edit the picture, send it for your approval, and then order and within a couple of weeks, the handmade wall art will be delivered to your door from Europe.

Behind the scenes

If you want to know what a dog photography session is like and how much fun we have then check out the videos below

Our Guarantee

Our goal is to give you and your dawg an enjoyable experience from start to finish in a guaranteed NO UPSELL environment.

We also Guarantee that if we cannot get a picture of your dawg, then you get your money back.

We sanitize the studio between every session to kill off any unwanted bugs that a dawg may bring into our studio.

All sounds too good to be true? Check out our Facebook and Google reviews and see what our customers have to say about us.

We are flexible, we work seven days a week and evenings so we can fit around you, simply visit our online booking tool and find a date and time that suits you