Norwich Dog Photographer partners with OSCAR Pet Foods

Well, how lucky was I to meet the lovely Poppy from OSCAR Pet Foods in my search for quality treats and toys for our Dog Photography Studio? You may ask, “Who are OSCAR Pet Foods?” well, let me tell you all about them.

All about OSCAR Pet Food

OSCAR Pet Foods - JBS Dog Photography

OSCAR Pet Foods specialise in convenient home delivery of quality pet supplies … one less thing to worry about while you go about your busy lives.
Based in Preston, Lancashire, established since 1994, they are proud to be British and dedicated to helping you look after your pets. Their nationwide network of Local Advisors delivers an exciting range of nutritious pet foods (including small animal, wild bird and fish food), tasty treats, boredom-busting toys, healthcare treatments and pet accessories straight to your door.
Needless to say, Poppy is our closest and most trusted Pet Food Advisor and the best thing is she delivers in and around Norwich and the Broads so whilst I am at the Dog Photography Studio, Poppy can be delivering all those lovely treats that I use to bribe your dog during the photo session.

OSCAR Pet Foods for your pet family

OSCAR Pet Foods - JBS Dog Photography

The great news is that OSCAR Pet Foods shares our ethos, we know how important your dog is to you and want to provide you with a food that caters for all their needs from the day you bring them home as a puppy until the time when they relax into their senior years, hence they are the perfect partner for JBS Dog Photography.

Did you know that your dog’s nutritional needs will change throughout the different stages of life? It is essential to feed a complete and balanced diet that delivers the right amount of nutrients to match the daily energy needs of your dog.

At OSCAR they label all of their foods honestly, without compromise, giving you peace of mind that your pet’s health and well-being is at the heart of all they do. This allows you to see exactly what is in your pet’s food – because they believe only a complete list will do, hence I know the dog treats we use to get that perfect dog picture that you will cherish forever will not upset them!

OSCAR Pet Foods - JBS Dog Photography

With over 25 years of experience, you can be sure that OSCAR will source only quality ingredients for providing nutritionally beneficial nutrients that support your dog at specific life-stages to promote health and well-being from head to tail.

OSCAR Pet Foods are delivering locally across Norwich and the Broads, oh and the rest of the UK

We’ve all been working together to stay safe and alert and OSCAR’s nationwide network of Local Nutritional Advisors have been and continue to be on hand to deliver essential services to customers in their communities.
Delivering a comprehensive range of dog, cat and small animal food, treats, toys and accessories throughout 2021 and continuing as life gets back to normal.

OSCAR Pet Foods - JBS Dog Photography
Find out more about OSCAR Pet Foods HERE.

Looking to get your Dog Photographed in Norfolk?

We always have a stock of OSCAR Dog Treats & Toys at the studio so you can be assured your dog will be well looked after.  If you are an Oscsar Pet food customer then just bring in a receipt that is less than 4 weeks old and we will give you 15% off any wall art purchases, so why not contact us today and let’s chat about how JBS Dog Photography can create some memorable images whilst your Dog chomps on some delicious treats.