Studio Sanitisation

If you have a pet photography studio, then when it comes to transferable dog diseases, we need to know what to sanitise to look after the welfare of our client’s dogs. I interviewed Chris Tomlinson from Rackheath vets to see what steps they took to maintain cleanliness.

Studio Sanitisation

About Chris

Chris, an experienced veterinarian with 40 years under his belt, has dedicated himself to helping sick animals and their owners in Cornwall, Tanzania, and now Norfolk. His love for this noble cause grows stronger with each passing year. Among the many dog breeds he adores, the Bedlington Whipper stands out as an absolute favourite due to its incredible personality traits resulting from the unique mix of whippet and Bedlington terrier genes.

Studio Sanitisation Expert

What to sanitise in the studio

Our studio is a dog photography studio so we don’t care if the dogs jump up on the furniture, lay on the mats, drink out of the water bowl, everything is free reign, so what should we be sanitising, I asked Chris for his advice.

Chris advised “dogs that come into your studio will be well looked after, so they will be up-to date on their jabs and flea treatment so generally you should be ok.” Chris continued “One common disease that can easily spread through dirty dog toys is known as kennel cough. This highly contagious respiratory infection is caused by the bacterium Bordetella Bronchiseptica, which can survive on surfaces for extended periods of time. When dogs interact with contaminated toys or share water bowls with infected animals, the risk of contracting this disease becomes significantly higher.

Regularly washing dog toys with hot soapy water or running them through the dishwasher can help prevent the accumulation and spread of such pathogens.
Similarly, neglecting to clean the dog’s water bowl regularly will leave it susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Stagnant water combined with residual food particles creates an ideal environment for various types of microbes to thrive. Diseases such as Leptospirosis and Giardiasis are commonly transmitted through contaminated drinking water. To protect your client’s dogs from these illnesses, consider washing their water bowl between sessions with hot soapy water.”  Chris’s advise was absolutely excellent and is part of our studio sanitisation process.

Sanitising a Studio

Number ones and twos

It is not uncommon for dogs to relieve themselves in the studio due to nervousness or excitement. In these cases studio sanitisation is paramount, Chris recommended “using either bleach or biological washing powder to effectively remove any lingering scent left by urine. By employing this cleaning method, not only will it eliminate any traces of urine but it will also mask the odour efficiently enough to deter other dogs from re-marking their territory”. Chris continued, “when dealing with faeces accidents, it is essential to employ a strong disinfectant that thoroughly sanitises the affected area and prevents any potential transmission of diseases among dogs within that space”.  Yet more excellent advice from Chris and is part of are studio sanitisation process.

Pet Photography Studio Sanitisation

Studio Sanitisation summary

In order to prioritise the well-being of our clients’ dogs, it is crucial to maintain a hygienic studio atmosphere. Personally, I go above and beyond by hovering over every inch of the floors and furniture. Moreover, after each session concludes, I wash the floors with a mild disinfectant to guarantee an immaculate and revitalising environment for every client that walks into the studio. Additionally, I ensure that the water bowl undergoes thorough cleansing with hot soapy water while any toys utilised during sessions are carefully wiped clean. To minimise the potential transmission of diseases as well as streamline our cleaning procedures, we kindly request that clients bring their own toys. Our strong belief lies in upholding the safety of our clients’ dogs hence we firmly advocate for preventive measures over curative ones.

Pet Photography Studio Sanitisation

We can capture dog photography portraits in our studio in Swaffham which is just a short drive from Norwich, Kings Lynn and Thetford or we can take portraits of your doggy on location in a field or on the beach. Call us on 07747 544 920 to discuss.